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Air Quality: Affecting The Health

It is important to everyone’s health to maintain air quality in our environments. It is important to lead a healthy and happy life. The condition of our air is something that we don’t think about but it is one of the most important things that we need to live. People talk about how the earth’s ozone is being affected. It is a gas that we cannot see. It is found within the air that we are breathing in everyday. There is good ozone and ozone that is bad. The Earth is protected from ultraviolet rays by this ozone layer which is in the upper part of the atmosphere or the earth’s stratosphere.

This ozone that affects our health is in the ground level and is considered air pollution. This is because nitrogen oxides and compounds that are volatile organic have a reaction to the sunlight. It could be caused by vehicles, heavy equipment or factories. Paints or cleaners will also cause this type.

An air quality index is an indicator that is standardized and specifies what the air quality level is in certain areas. It will measure what the ozone found within the air is in addition to at the ground level. These particles might include sulfur dioxide or nitrogen dioxide.

The amount of pollen found within the air can also have an effect on everyone’s air quality. This is not found within the index for air quality though. The time that it is every day also affects our ozone. Because of this, our ozone is affected too. It is more likely for the ozone to be unhealthy in urban locations on hot and sunny days because it will create smog.

The layers of the earth’s ozone that is not healthy can be blown to other areas with the wind. Some areas receive reports on the condition of the air every day so that the residents know how clean or how polluted the air is for the day. Someone that has allergies needs to be aware of the condition of air so that they can decide whether or not they will be able to participate in outdoor activities.

Because bad air quality makes it hard for us to breathe, there are many health problems that can occur. It can damage the inside of the lungs and cause a lot of pain while breathing along with shortness of breath. Coughing is also increased and will irritate the lung disease that somebody may already have. Ozone will affect everybody but others may be more likely to development problems because the poor quality of air. This includes people with emphysema, bronchitis or asthma. The elderly is greatly affected also. Healthy people are occasionally affected with the ozone effects also.

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